Export Capacity Building to Japan Partner

In 2013, we set our sights for the Japanese Market. We believe that this market is a perfect fit for our products, as they appreciate high quality , traceability and sustainable development. Fortunately, the government of Japan accepted our request to enter their export capacity building to Japan , through their JAS agency in Nicaragua. We have already been trained on the intricacies and differences of our business cultures , and have attended fairs in Japan, to present our offer. We should debut our first japanese export in January 2015. 

Export Capacity Building to Europe Partner

We have been working with CBI's Export Coaching's Program for the past three years and we couldn't be happier. As part of this program, we have a access to a coach and a mirage of European Market Experts that have given us a well structured process, to slowly and surely develop our export capacity to Europe. We should do our European Debut by the end of 2014. Thank you Mr. Martin Buckle and Femke De Jong, you have been instrumental to our development.

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​Business Development Partner

Agora Partnerships has been instrumental in helping us develop our business model, through their high level business consulting and their extremely efficient Accelator Program. With help from Ricardo Teran and Johanna Videgain, we have been able to grow our business exponentially in a well thought out  Business and Financial Plan.   

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Agora Partnerships


We are certified Organic

Our Crops

Agricultural Technical Development Partner

We are very grateful to our friends from MEDA, who through their program called: Technolinks, helped us develop our team of Agronomists and our technical protocols, in an accelerated way to success. Without their help, that road would have been a lot bumpier.  

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We are certified Kosher

CBI Netherlands

Our Partners

We thank all those that have helped us walk our path to success. We have gotten a lot of helping hands and we wish to acknowledge them.