• Although Sesame is not original from Nicaragua, it has been grown commercially since the 1980's.

  • The initial Program for Sesame  was developed with help from the government of Japan.

  • The main market for this crop in it conventional form is Asia, and in its organic form it is mainly exported to the United States.

History of Sesame In Nicaragua





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We are certified Organic

In the beginning of the 1980's , the Nicaraguan government , with help from the government of Japan, set out an ambitious Program to present alternatives to farmers that lived in the dryer areas of the western part of the country. Western Nicaragua is considered the the Dry Tropical Zone of Nicaragua, and presented perfect rain and soil conditions to grow sesame. 

Unfortunately , internal conflicts in the country, delayed the development of the crop. In 1990, a 

new government imprinted more stability to the agricultural sector, and thus sesame production 

started to grow.

In 1991, a few Cooperatives in the Western part of the country and the Ometepe Island,

started experimenting with organic agricultural practices and as early as 1993, these 

cooperatives have been growing organically certified sesame.

Our company only exports sesame that has been grown by farmers that have been certified for 

at least ten years, so we are certain of the quality of the grain we export.

Sesame is a labor intensive crop, and we promote its production together with Organic Chia or

Peanuts , so that our farmers can use their land all year round. This practice also helps to

break pest life cycles in a natural and effective way. The fact that this is a labor intensive crop , 

is very beneficial to our growers, as they family nucleus works around this crop (except

children), which helps these families to get a better cash flow through this crop and its

combination with Chia or Peanuts.

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