History of Peanuts in Nicaragua

  • After Cotton prices dropped to unprecedented low levels in the 1990's, our Pacific growers found a great alternative for their fertile lands : Peanuts.



These small cooperatives, and their small farm owners wanted to address two issues : 1) How to grow an economically sustainable crop , and 2) how to make this crop also environmentally friendly. The answer to them was to grow organic peanuts. This crop was more profitable than other options and at the same time, they had the willingness to commit to an organic program in the long term.

In the beginning , everyone thought these growers were a little out of tune with "reality" ; " how can you grow peanuts without synthetic chemical pesticides ? " , they thought.

However, after three years of transition , back in 1993 growers were already getting about 80% yield of conventional growers, and yes, no synthetic chemical pesticides used; as these peanuts were grown as part of an organic program put together by several NGOS's working hand in hand with growers.

Today, Nicaragua is the only country in Central America successfully exporting organic certified peanuts to the North American Market.

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Nicaragua's Pacific Region has some of the most fertile lands in Central America , and it has always had big land owners that grow industrial crops like sugar cane and sorghum. However, in the 1990's the agricultural cooperative movement started to grow in our country.