And we have loved every one of those bumpy and exciting years. We started out as a Red Bean and Cocoa exporter to the US , and we have turned into an multi grain , organic, nutraceutical food exporter to the World.

In May 2014, our company and its grower base, made history , as we were able to export the first 200 metric tons of Organic  and Kosher Certified Chia in Central America to the North American Market. 

We Love Organic.

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How we grow food and do business in our community.

We have been in business for 5 years.

We have christened our way of coordinating our suppliers and other stake holders as : " An Orchestrated Agricultural Value Chain", Or-Ag V Chain, if you will. 

Financial Partnership  to Grow Chia

Nicaragua's Chia Potential.

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We are certified Kosher

We are Naturally Organic .

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We are certified Organic